Piper 'Super' Pacer
N3043Z after engine upgrade


- Converted Tri-Pacer
  Serial number: # 22-6997
  Type cert.: 1A6-Rev.33 
- Registration: N3043Z
- Airframe built in 1959
  complete rebuilt ~1996
- Currently 2850h TT (as of 2'19)
- Lycoming O-360-A4A, 180hp,
630h since Lycoming factory
  overhaul in Oct. 2004
  Serial number: # RL-28299-36A
- New Sensenich 76EM8-0-60 prop
  Serial number: # 33447K
- Full owner & logbook history
- Owned by Christian Missions
  in Africa (for 34 years)
- Currently based in Johannesburg
  South Africa

Midair by Ashleigh Delima
Features / Airframe Modifications:
- Skycraft Design metalised fuselage, wings and ailerons
- Jensen forks / struts
- Madras fiberglass 'Super Tips' Model 104 STOL wing tips
- Microaero vortex generators
- Univair tailwheel (Scott) conversion with Cleveland brakes and 8.00-6 tires
- Univair 180 hp O-360 conversion with Bendix aux. elec. fuel pump 
- Atlee Dodge 61 gallons long range wing tanks (2x 30.5 gals each),
  lockable pressurised caps and lockable quickdrains
- Ferry tank with extra 21 gals (total fuel 82 gals, endurance ~10h)
- Dakota DC11383 fuel selector valve
- Steward Warner oilcooler behind cyl. #4
- B&C spin on oilfilter adaptor (CH48-108)
- B&C lightweight starter (BC315-100-2, #06136186)
- PlanePower 70 amps alternator conversion
- M-20 Turbo's Model 300-A air/oil separator for crankcase breather
- M-20 Turbo's Model 600 WP high pressure air/oil separator for wet pump
- Challenger Aviation high performance air filter assembly (CP-1172)
- Bogert low loss cables and battery box conversion
- Concorde RG-35A AGM (absorbed glass matt) 35 AH battery
- McFarlane MC12693-04 throttle cable
- ACS vernier type mixture cable
- Heated pitot tube
- Wheelen strobe / rotating beacon
- Steve's Aircraft fuel gascolators (2x)
- Skycatch door catches
- Aero Farbricators shoulder harnesses
- Custom upholstered pilot seat (lumbar support) and pilot relief tube
- Lower instrument panel extension accommodating additional avionics

Spotter Helicopter (R44) flown by David Delima
Avionics and Instruments:
- Brittain Industries BSS/Accuflite autopilot with heading bug / hold
- New gyro instruments: A/H: Sigmatek 5000B,
  D/G: EdoAire / Porter-Strait G502A part 4000D-1 with heading bug for A/P, 
  T&B: Brittain Industries driving the A/P
- M-20 Turbo's guaranteed LifeTime Pesco P3-194 wet vaccum pump
- Precise Flight standby vacuum system, external venturi and warning light
- Audio Panel: Garmin GMA 340, stereo intercom & music feed 
- Com1: Garmin GNS 430 Nav/Com/GPS (with terrain)
- Com2: Narco Com 120
- Com3: Yeasu VXA 210 handheld wired through audio panel
- King ADF KR 85 
- Mode C - 400x XPDR RT-459A
- ELT-EBC-102A (serial number: # 74018GA)
- Lind shut down timer and  5v power supply for USBs
- David Clark and Bose Riedel headset panel mount ENC power modules
- Electronic Instruments SR-8A Smart Engine Analyser,
  EGT/CHT 8 channel engine monitor 
- Electronic Instruments FP-5L fuel flow and pressure instrument
- Westach carburator heat temperature gauge
- Westach voltmeter
- AOA mechanical angle of attack indicator
- Commant external VHF belly antenna for 3rd Nav/Com
  (Yeasu VXA 210 handheld wired through audio panel)
- AmeriKing AK-950-F2-14V, 2 port avionics cooling fan

Super Pacer Panel and Subpanel
L/H Panel and Subpanel
R/H Panel and Subpanel
Downloadable Flying Video
Download a video on N3043Z Flying the South African Westcoast